GKN Automotive two-in-one eDrive system for Fiat 500 city car

24 June 2021 | David Young

GKN Automotive is supplying its integrated two-in-one eDrive system, including a first in-house developed eMotor, to an all-electric city car now on sale

GKN Automotive innovative two-in-one eDrive system for best-selling electric city car

GKN's eDrive 03-G400 Mini BEV drives the Fiat 500 electric city car

GKN Automotive's innovative system is matched to an inverter and can provide up to 220Nm of instantly available motor torque, allowing the vehicle to sprint from 0-100kms (62mph) in 9.0secs while delivering 320kms (199 miles) of zero-emissions driving.

Dirk Kesselgruber, president, GKN Automotive ePowertrain, "This new system, now fully integrated into this exciting all-electric city car. We are the go-to partner for the world's leading automotive manufacturers, collaborating with them to deliver exciting and sustainable electrified vehicles."

The new two-in-one integrated eDrive unit incorporates GKN Automotive's own 87kW motor and delivers an output torque of 2,100Nm in a package that weighs just 62.5kg (including oil). The two-in-one integrated layout is more compact, lighter, more efficient and more cost effective than electric vehicle systems incorporating separate components. It also features an advanced Electronic Park Lock System (ePLS) that allows the electric axle to provide a park lock feature and function, which alleviates the ancillary system from the foundation brakes.

The development of the two-in-one eDrive system is part of GKN Automotive's long-term electrification strategy. Over 1.5 million vehicles are now on the road with GKN Automotive's electrified technologies. New models entering the market powered by GKN Automotive's technologies include four major global groups, encompassing 10 brands, including everything from premium four-wheel drive SUVs to the New Fiat 500 electric city car.