Glass's launches new app

11 August 2021 | David Young

Autovista Group has unveiled its cutting-edge Glass's sales solution – a new platform-based application set to revolutionise vehicle valuations and stock management for dealers throughout the UK

Glass's launches new app

"This is a game-changer for the automotive industry and will transform the way that dealers are able to access business-critical pricing information," says Lindsey Roberts, CEO of Autovista Group. "Our new Glass's platform pulls together our wealth of exceptional services, market-leading pricing data, and industry insights in one place and is accessible to our customers 24/7, from any device."

The new easy-to-use Glass's sales solution platform has been designed from the ground up to fit into dealers' business and work processes and help them make the most accurate and profitable pricing decisions.

"At every stage in the platform's development, we have conducted extensive research to ensure that Glass's makes life easier – and more profitable – for our customers," explains Nicola Whyke, chief product officer at Autovista Group. "We listened to our customers' needs and have designed a revolutionary platform that enables them to access everything they need in one place."

From accurately identifying a vehicle, assessing trade-in values and managing stock to determining a price, completing sales, and planning for the future, Glass's gives dealers quick access to the tools and data they need to make informed decisions, protect profit margins, and grow their businesses. Using this new solution, they will be able to:

  • Access all Glass's datasets and services including valuations, live retail prices and repair estimates
  • Track KPIs and metrics to help pinpoint the precise value of a vehicle at a glance as well as judge its market appeal with our desirability index
  • Proactively manage stock against live retail prices and average stock days to keep one step ahead of competitors

The seamless integration of Glass's live retail data from the company's in-depth market observations and highly accurate statistical analysis offers customers a complete view of the marketplace. Combined with trade-specific market valuations, it gives dealers a 360° view of vehicle values and helps them make intelligent buying decisions and sell as quickly as possible at the right price point.

"Pricing is the single greatest lever at your disposal if you want to improve profitability and cash flow," says Sam Keates, chief content officer. "Our new platform takes the guesswork out of all pricing decisions – both buying in a vehicle at a sensible price and determining the appropriate asking price for a quick turnover. It also helps to build internal capabilities across your company to improve effectiveness and save time."

"The launch of Glass's new sales solution in the UK marks the first milestone in the European rollout of this new automotive pricing platform. It sets a new standard for the industry, helping our customers with the information they need to be as profitable as possible, and cementing Autovista Group's position as the European powerhouse of automotive pricing information," adds Sam.