'Blatant deception' case

21 September 2022 | David Young

Former detective and now managing director of Kent-based Claims Management and Adjusting (CMA) has revealed what he considers to be 'one of most blatant attempted deceptions I've seen in all my years as a motor insurance fraud investigator.'

'Blatant deception' case

Former detective and md of Claims Management and Adjusting (CMA), Philip Swift

Philip Swift said that last October Octavian Radu from Oxfordshire crashed an Audi A4 into a house, causing at least £85,000 worth of damage.

He then obtained an insurance policy while still at the scene.

Radu was subsequently found guilty of driving without due care and attention and admitted using the car without valid insurance. He was fined £400 and ordered to pay £1,400 in compensation and £340 in costs and surcharges.

Swift said: "According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, scams cost the UK economy over £3bn every year, so we urge insurers to be rigorous in their approach. We demonstrate daily that facts fight fraud. With our data and expertise, investigation and prosecution need not be prohibitively onerous or costly. In addition to the financial rewards of repudiation, companies taking proactive steps also benefit from enhanced customer trust."