Repairify launches All-in-One solution

20 October 2022 | David Young

Repairify has introduced a new solution for local and remote automotive diagnostics, calibrations, and programming

Repairify launches All-in-One solution

The asTech All-in-One is a comprehensive tablet-based solution featuring the company's broadest capabilities and OEM vehicle coverage, including those utilising the DOIP, CAN-FD, and secure gateway protocols.

It enables users to scan more than 1,000 remote OEM and local OEM-compatible diagnostic tools, conduct remote and local calibrations, initialisations, and parts programming, access over 400 certified remote technicians, and access local OEM-compatible pre- and post-scan reports.

Cris Hollingsworth, president of Repairify, said: "The All-in-One provides an elegant, intuitive user interface, combined with a robust set of local and remote capabilities. This solution is for the automotive repair shop that needs to be prepared for every potential circumstance where diagnostics, calibrations, and programming are concerned."