Keyless entry car theft protection

26 June 2023 | David Young

Sleeping Battery is the answer to cars being stolen by relay attack and this type of keyless entry theft

Keyless entry car theft protection

Relay attack is a form of keyless car theft where criminals bypass keyless entry security by extending the signal of the car key from the home.

Automobile associations, insurance companies and many other car experts warn of security problems in cars with Keyless Entry systems.

What is relay attack?

  • Thief 1 stands close to the vehicle and uses an rfid (radio frequency identification device) to extend signals from the vehicle to thief 2.
  • Thief 2 stands close to the house, often at the front door or window and uses a second rfid.
  • The second device sends the extended signal up to 10-15 metres into the house.
  • When the key inside the house receives the extended signal, it responds to the car as if the key were close to the vehicle. This allows the car to be opened and started.

Car key security: what options are there?

For many brands, the car key signal appears to be easily extended. Even if the key appears to be securely stored. Insurers recommend a number of options to prevent relay attack as much as possible. However, these are not always available, feasible or desirable in practice.

The Sleeping Battery solves the above problems with a simple and effective solution. This smart battery has a built-in motion sensor, which puts the car key to sleep after three minutes if there is no movement. No modifications to the vehicle or car key are required.

Once the the battery is replaced with a Sleeping Battery the vehicle is protected against this form of car theft. The owner of the vehicle thus retains all the conveniences of the keyless entry system.