RAC offers car servicing or repairs at home or work

23 June 2023 | David Young

The RAC is building on its trusted reputation for roadside assistance by moving into mobile servicing and repairs to enable people to get their cars serviced on their driveways or at work at a highly competitive price.

RAC offers car servicing or repairs at home or work

The UK Government Minister for Roads and Buses, Richard Holden, was at the RAC's operational headquarters in Walsall yesterday (Thursday) to hear about the new initiative, where he also met with one of the RAC's Mobile Mechanics Indy Singh who explained how popular the service has already become.

In a bid to do away with the inconvenience often associated with getting to and from the garage to drop off and collect cars for servicing and repairs, RAC Mobile Mechanics simplifies the experience for drivers by bringing the garage to their homes. What's more, RAC mobile servicing and repairs are now available to more drivers than ever with its expert mechanics now covering the 20 biggest towns and cities – with plans for even wider coverage before the end of the year.

In fact, RAC research shows that six-in-10 drivers (62%) say they would find it appealing to have a trained mechanic come to their house or work to service their car rather than having to take it to a garage. Of those who find it a hassle taking their vehicle to the garage, three-quarters (75%) say the biggest inconvenience is having to drop it off and pick it back up again later.

An RAC Mobile Mechanics interim service, which costs from £155, includes 25 vehicle safety checks, an oil change, topping up of coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen washer reservoir if required, resetting the service light and providing proof of servicing.

A full service, priced from £185 includes all of above, along with checking the air filter and spark plugs, together with 15 more safety checks taking the total to 40. These include checking the fuel system and tank, the condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt), and the condition of brake fluid.

For those who don't require a full or interim service, a vehicle diagnostic check along with an on-site fix or a garage recommendation is £65. Customised quotes for repairs are available via the RAC website.

RAC service, maintenance and repair CEO Paul Coward said:

"We decided to launch RAC Mobile Mechanics in response to members' demands for convenience when it comes to getting their cars serviced and repaired. Our research with drivers shows there's often a lot of hassle associated with getting the car to the garage and then collecting it later. And with so many of us now spending more time working from home, we realised bringing very competitively priced car servicing and repairs to people's doorsteps or workplaces with expert RAC mobile mechanic would make their lives much easier.

"We know from the experience of our patrols, who deal with around 2.6m breakdowns every year, that many call-outs are avoidable with regular maintenance and servicing. This means getting your car serviced regularly can help avoid a nasty repair bill further down the line, but the trouble for many people is finding the time to get the car into the garage. RAC Mobile Mechanics overcomes this problem, helping to keep your car in tip-top condition with no inconvenience whatsoever. Feedback from drivers who have already used us has been overwhelmingly positive and it's clear people value the fact our mechanics are clear about what servicing or repairs involve, and have the reassurance that comes from the RAC's brand.

"And by getting your car serviced regularly you're likely to see improved fuel efficiency which can help save money which is becoming ever more important in the cost-of-living crisis. If you plan on selling your car, proof of regular servicing also adds value by giving confidence to prospective buyers."

Minister for Roads and Buses Richard Holden, who met one of the RAC's Mobile Mechanics in Walsall yesterday, said:

"This fantastic initiative from the RAC not only brings road users convenience but will support keeping drivers safe across the country, and it was great to meet with the team delivering this initiative.

"We continue to support and work closely with the RAC as one of the iconic organisations keeping our roads and all road users safe."

To find out more and to book an RAC Mobile Mechanics' service go to www.rac.co.uk/car-care/mobile-mechanic.

The RAC also provides an Service and MOT Plan, letting drivers spread the cost of routine servicing and MOTs over two years so they don't have to pay big bills all in one go – and with no risk of prices increasing.