The IAEA acts at all times to provide open and fair opportunities for learning, maintaining competence and raising professional standards within the industry. The IAEA welcome feedback, positive or otherwise, on all aspects of the services offered.

The IAEA take every complaint and comment seriously and are committed to addressing any issues that are leading to complaints. To ensure complaints are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, the following process exists:

Making a complaint

In the first instance the complaint should be directed to the IAEA Administration Manager. By post to IAEA. The Home Office, Pennyroyal Court, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5QY or by email or by telephone on 01296 642895.

All complaints received will be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days of receipt and usually providing a full response. Where this is not possible, a deadline will be given for completion of the investigations and updates will be provided as appropriate.

In the event that it is felt that the complaint was not investigated satisfactorily or the situation has not been handled fairly or in an appropriate manner, then the matter must be referred in writing directly to IAEA President.

This communication should include:

  • Complainants Name and address
  • Complainants IAEA registration number, if appropriate
  • Complainants preferred contact telephone number
  • Complainants recommended resolution
  • Copy of all previous communications with the IAEA regarding the subject of the complaint.

An acknowledgement will be sent and a full response within 14 working days or, if this is not possible, an update on current progress will be provided and an expected resolution date.