The service is only available to candidates where a result is a fail in any of the written, oral response or practical exams. All requests must be received within 6 weeks of the release date of the results.

Requests for a post-results review of marking must be made to the Administration Manager. All requests must be made in writing by post to IAEA. The Home Office, Pennyroyal Court, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire. HP23 5QY or by email

The post-results review will include:

  • A clerical re-check, to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly.
  • A review of the original marking.
  • In circumstances where the review does not result in a pass, a report on areas for improvement will be provided.

The IAEA will provide a response within 35 days of receipt of the request. A fee of £50 is payable for this service and is refundable if the review results in a pass. Where a re-sit for the same unit has been booked and the review results in a pass, the entry fee for the resit will be refunded.

As part of the moderation process, a review of the original marking is carried out by a senior examiner on a sample of scripts prior to results being published. Where a candidate's script has already been reviewed, the candidate will be made aware and provided with the option of cancelling their request for a post-results review. In these circumstances the £50 fee will be reimbursed if the request is cancelled.

The IAEA is committed to providing fair and transparent remark processes, where a candidate wishes to appeal the result of a post-result review the examination appeal policy is relevant. The examination appeals procedure is intended for consideration of circumstances that materially affect a candidate's performance in an assessment where all other available routes for enquiries have been exhausted. Please refer to the Examination appeal process.