The IAEA acts at all times to ensure that the qualifications offered are accessible to all.

The IAEA is committed to giving all candidates an equal opportunity of achieving their qualifications in line with current UK and EU directives.

The IAEA is dedicated to the provision of assessment conditions which allow access to their qualifications regardless of age, disability, transgender, pregnancy, maternity, marriage/civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation to allow candidates to maximise their potential to the best of their abilities.

Examples of reasonable adjustments that can be accommodated with sufficient notice are:

  • Dyslexia - extra time, alternative font, alternative paper colour
  • Arthritis - extra time for rest/stretch breaks
  • Diabetes - extra time to check blood sugar levels, eat or take required medication

A candidate with a disability or a condition which they believe should be taken into consideration in assessing their exam performance is required to follow the procedure below:

  • Submit an application in writing by post to IAEA. The Home Office, Pennyroyal Court, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire. HP23 5QY or by email
  • The application must be supported by evidence from an expert with the appropriate qualification or professional affiliation, such as a Doctor, Occupational Psychologist or an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia confirming the condition and explaining the examination performance could be affected and what steps can be taken to provide reasonable adjustment.
  • Application which do not provide the required supporting evidence cannot be considered.
  • Any application for a reasonable adjustment should preferably be received no later than 28 days before the assessment/exam date. Whilst the IAEA will take all reasonable steps to meet the request, it may not be possible if there is insufficient time to make the arrangements.