The IAEA is committed to providing a fair and transparent route to achieving their qualifications.

The appeals procedure is intended for consideration of circumstances that materially affect a candidate's performance in an assessment where all other available routes of resolution have been exhausted.

Grounds for an appeal

The grounds for appeal must be related to the IAEA's procedures or their application. The appeals process will consider whether these procedures are consistent and have been fairly and properly applied.

The grounds for appeal include:

  • Irregularities in the delivery of an exam/assessment;
  • The processes of question setting, marking and moderation of exam results.

The appeals process is not intended to be used for the following:

  • Candidates lack of knowledge or understanding of examination processes or regulations.
  • Requests for a further post-results review of exam papers.

Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of the IAEA confirming that all other routes of resolution have been exhausted. A fee of £75 is payable for this service and is refundable if the appeal is successful. If a re-sit has been booked for the same module and the review results in a pass, the entry fee for this module will be refunded.

Applications must be made on the Appeals application form and sent to the IAEA Administration Manager by post to IAEA. The Home Office, Pennyroyal Court, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire. HP23 5QY, or by emailing us

The IAEA will acknowledge all appeal applications in writing and advice the expected timescale for the investigation of the appeal. Once the investigation is complete a full and detailed outcome will be provided in writing.

The exam appeals process:

Stage 1 – Senior Member of the IAEA Education Council

  • A review by a senior member of the IAEA Education Council who has had no previous involvement with the case. Where the outcome of the investigation establish that the appeal is unlikely to be successful, a full account of the investigation and an explanation of the decision will be provided in writing.
  • The written response will be provided within 28 days of the appeal application being received by the IAEA.

Stage 2 - IAEA Appeals Panel

If the case is not resolved at Stage 1, it will be referred to the IAEA Appeals Panel. Appellants are required to advise the IAEA if they wish to progress to Stage 2 of the appeals process within 28 days of receiving the outcome of Stage 1.

The Appeals Panel will consist of:

  • The IAEA President.
  • A member of the IAEA Education Council who has had no involvement in the case.
  • A specialist practitioner or an examiner as appropriate.
  • An independent lay member.

The IAEA will aim to complete Stage 2 of the appeal process within 45 days of receiving notification that the appellant wishes to progress to Stage 2. The Appeals Panel are able to instruct the IAEA to reconsider the case and may provide recommendations.

An outcome report will be provided to the Appellant in writing.